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Pulp and paper

Perkins Papers and Smurfit-Stone: Reducing downtime on vacuum pumps

Applications :
Vacuum pump cleaning, NASH pump cleaning

Background :
NASH pumps are widely used in pulp & paper operations in North America. These vacuum pumps play a crucial role in paper production, removing humidity during the papermaking process. The pump has only one moving part, a balanced rotor. Depending on the water and production process used, scale build-up may occur within the body of the pump and cause seizure, thus creating downtime.

Results :

NASH pump problems are related to the very nature of their use. This equipment will generally suck humidity (on average 80% air and 20% water) from paper rollers in the pre-drying phase of production.

Scale deposits form inside the pump and may cause operating troubles or even pump failure if the problem is not addressed in time. Scale build-up will create suction problems. As the pump’s engine works harder to compensate for the growing friction caused by the presence of scale, energy consumption increases along with wear and tear on the engine. There is also the risk of pump seizure, with all the related problems that can ensue.

The pictures to the right show a type of NASH pump used at the Perkins Papers plant in Candiac, Quebec. Thorough cleaning done with GotarTM products ensures proper operation for approximately two years before another cleaning is required.

Stone Container in New Richmond previously used conventional acids every three months to clean their pump. With GotarTM products, only one cleaning every 8 to 10 months is required. This means three times less downtime…The numbers speak for themselves.

Products :
Gotar-D (Gotar-D500)

Keywords :
Pumps, vacuum pumps, NASH, limestone, scale, mineral deposits, iron oxide, downtime, suction, power consumption Pre-drying, paper rollers, rotor, traditional acid, Stone Container
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