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Many types of industrial equipment are found in the building sector: heat exchangers, heating and cooling systems, water supply systems, and more. So it’s only natural that the technologies developed by GOTAR are being used in mechanical systems for buildings. Over the years, GOTAR has implemented solutions for such major customers as the Montreal Stock Exchange tower, the CBC tower in Montreal, Place Québec, Notre-Dame Hospital, Aéroports de Montréal, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Bagotville, Area Support Unit (ASU) Saint-Jean, Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec, and Société immobilière du Québec. 

Eloquent results  

Regardless of the type of system treated, the solutions offered by GOTAR Technologies make it possible to recover lost efficiencies. Often, the solutions restore hard-to-achieve balance to heating and cooling systems or generate significant energy gains, since system cleaning considerably improves operating performance.

Personalized solutions   

The solutions used in building mechanicals help resolve problems specific to this sector, including deposits of organic matter, glycol, iron oxide, limescale, and other materials. The solutions are guaranteed to be efficient since they are adapted to the type of equipment being cleaned. For example, foam solutions can be used to efficiently clean unit heaters. 


Remarkable savings  

In its search to optimize technology to meet customer needs, GOTAR Technologies has developed unique solutions that deliver remarkable savings. For example, in many of the buildings equipped with control systems from Johnson Controls, the data collected has consistently shown significant operating gains following maintenance using Gotar solutions.

Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

GOTAR Technologies has built its know-how through R&D activities and through careful listening to customer needs. We deliver benefits to the customers we serve in the building sector by providing custom solutions that solve problems and exceed customer expectations.

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