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Light industry

Light industry is a general category that encompasses a variety of subsectors. Through the years, GOTAR Technologies has worked with many of them, notably in the plastics, waferboard, compressor, food preparation, and printing industries.

Given the wide range of Gotar product applications and the similarities in equipment found in these light industry subsectors, Gotar product applications are more or less the same in the various subsectors. Our main focus is improving various aspects of heat exchange equipment performance.

Many light industrial companies have become GOTAR Technologies customers over the years. They include names such as ABB, Quebecor World, PCI Chemicals Canada, Bombardier Transport, IPL Plastics, Fercomat, Fjordtech Industries, Kraft Canada, ACME Radiators, Goodyear Canada, Cosmair Canada (L’Oréal), Safety-Kleen, Société immobilière du Québec (SIQ), and more.

Eloquent results  

For our customers, the results obtained with GOTAR translate into significant savings or better productivity. Heat exchange improvement generally provides an increase in energy efficiency, and especially better equipment performance control. For instance, when it comes to building services, regular cleaning of air conditioning systems and heating equipment will significantly improve users’ comfort, ensuring not only optimal performance, but also proper distribution of heat flow. Numerous buildings managed by SIQ have greatly benefited from Gotar expertise in this area.

In the plastics industry, GOTAR offers various solutions to its clients, including mould cleaning, and heat exchange equipment cleaning. In one case, maintenance on the glycol-based heating systems in one plant’s MDOs (machine direction orientators) solved an erosion problem affecting the mechanical joints in the pumps. Contamination by solid particles in the heating system had been causing recurrent production problems, forcing frequent replacement of the joints. The maintenance operation was a real success, boosting performance and equipment productivity.

Surface treatment is another area where Gotar solutions have proven their efficiency. For the exterior surface cleaning of mobile equipment, heavy excavation equipment, trucks, or locomotives and wagons, Gotar solutions are highly effective at eliminating even the most stubborn contaminants. GOTAR also has the answer for preparing metal surfaces before painting, with efficient solutions that improve the adhesion of primer and paintings.

Adapted solutions   

Gotar solutions for building services maintenance, light industry, the cleaning of exterior mobile equipment surfaces, and metal surface preparation before painting are all adapted solutions available in liquid, gel, or semi-gel formats, depending on the need. Applications for mobile equipment maintenance and treatment of metal surfaces are a good example. These solutions are specially designed for application on vertical surfaces and can be used to clean large surfaces without requiring great quantities of product.

Our solutions solve numerous equipment- and situation-specific problems. Deposits of carbon, organic matter, iron oxide, copper oxide, scale, oils, and grease can be easily removed by using the appropriate solutions. GOTAR also offers numerous specialized solutions such as hydraulic cleaning, stainless steel surface passivation, glycol system cleaning, etc.

Remarkable savings  

In its search to optimize its technologies based on customer needs, GOTAR Technologies has developed unique products and know-how to solve problems in a practical, more cost-effective way, like our semi-gel solutions for vertical surfaces. Whether used to prepare metallic surfaces for painting or to clean contaminated surface, these solutions make the job easy, with no risk for the existing painted surfaces. One railway operator reduced locomotive cleaning time by 80%. GOTAR’s unique biodegradable and non-toxic solutions make life a lot easier for those who use them.

Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

Gotar know-how is built on the results of our ongoing R&D work and on years of listening to customer needs. We deliver benefits to our light industry customers by providing solutions that meet customer needs.

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