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Petrochemical and refining

The refining and petrochemical industry is an industry with two branches, each with its own specific needs and characteristics. GOTAR Technologies started working successfully in this industry in 2002. Well-known companies such as Western Refining, Solutia, BP Amoco, Ultramar, Huntsman, Williams Energy, Petromont, and Equistar Chemicals have been using Gotar technologies for their maintenance needs.

Eloquent results  

GOTAR Technologies offers extremely effective solutions to the industry. At the Solutia plant in Chocolate Bayou, Texas, for example, a Gotar solution was used to clean a one-acre containment tank (about 4,000 square metres) holding waste oil that had virtually hardened into asphalt after a couple of months in the heat. The previously used method, high pressure cleaning, took seven weeks while the technology suggested by GOTAR took only four days, and that without damaging the tank. In another example at the Western Refining facility in El Paso, Texas, an atmospheric distillation tower at the crude unit was successfully treated to remove hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulphide. In Canada, the Huntsman petrochemical plant in Mansonville, Quebec, called on GOTAR to perform maintenance on its polystyrene unit. The heat exchange systems benefited from our treatment and very significant performance gains were obtained.

Adapted solutions   

Contaminants represent special challenges because of the particularities of the refinery process. For instance, the presence of sulfur in oil gives rise to hydrogen sulphide (H²S) deposits and the appearance of pyrophoric components during the distillation process. GOTAR makes products that can remove these deposits during chemical cleaning before they become harmful. Other Gotar products can dissolve heavy hydrocarbon deposits and rehabilitate equipment and surfaces that are in need of treatment. And for problems with limestone, metallic oxide, or hydrocarbon pyrophoric deposits (e.g., ferrous sulphate-FeS, ferrous oxide-FeO), there is a Gotar solution.

Remarkable savings  

GOTAR offers solutions that have proven their efficiency and effectiveness several times over. These solutions normally generate significant savings, and often translate into major performance gains, decreased downtime, and improved safety for the treated equipment. In its search to optimize technologies to meet customer needs, GOTAR Technologies continues to develop products and innovations that provide outstanding value for the corporate dollar.

Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

Gotar know-how is built on the results of our ongoing R&D work and on years of listening to customer needs. We deliver benefits to the companies we serve in the refining and petrochemical industries by providing solutions that meet customer needs and exceed expectations.  

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