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Naval and maritime

GOTAR Technologies first began working with the marine industry in 1999. Still a marginal market for the company at that time, the sector gradually grew to become a significant source of business. Gotar solutions have been successfully used on cruise ships, cargo ships, and naval vessels. After several years of testing and analysis, one of its technologies was approved by the United States Navy for the cleaning of heat exchange systems on board of its nuclear powered vessels.

Eloquent results  

The chemical cleaning of equipment is common practice in the marine industry, but less so in the navy. In the marine industry, GOTAR has worked with different companies in Canada and the United States. Many successful maintenance operations have been conducted on ships belonging to companies like Groupe Desgagné, Ocean Group, NEAS, and Canada Steamship Lines, or managed by companies such as International Shipping Partners or V-Ships. However, it is in the naval field that GOTAR made special efforts to ensure that its technology meets stringent U.S. Navy standards, thereby obtaining nuclear certification for a large number of metallic and non-metallic alloys.

Since 2007, various U.S. Coast Guard ships on the East Coast have benefited from the cleaning services provided by our partner, Ocean Tech Services, using Gotar solutions. Our solutions have been used for the maintenance of heat exchange systems and the cleaning of shipboard collection and holding tanks used for sanitary and other liquid wastes.

Adapted solutions   

The solutions offered to the navy and marine industry provide fast and efficient answers for numerous industry-specific problems such as the removal of deposits of limestone, organic matter, iron oxide, copper oxide, and oils and grease. GOTAR offers numerous chemical solutions to meet all ship chemical maintenance needs. These solutions can be used without dismantling equipment, which saves a lot of  time, especially taking into consideration the limited space on board.

Remarkable savings  

GOTAR’s eco-friendly solutions have clear advantages when it comes to work in confined spaces or when cleaning equipment made of a wide variety of metal alloys. The technology approved by the U.S. Navy for use aboard nuclear and non-nuclear powered ships is the most advantageous solution available on the market today. Not only can it be applied without risk to a wide range of alloys, but it is the only technology that allows for cleaning process monitoring, helping predict when the optimal results have been obtained. 100% results are as important as the health and safety of the users.

Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

Gotar know-how is built on the results of our ongoing R&D work and on years of listening to customer needs—especially when the customer is as demanding as the U.S. Navy! The stringent navy approval process has showcased the quality of our technology as well as given us an opportunity to advise the U.S. Navy on new solutions corresponding to its needs.

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