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The power industry: three key energy production sectors

GOTAR Technologies got its start in the power industry in the thermal power generation sector, successfully exporting its solutions to the Caribbean to solve problems caused by the use of seawater as a coolant.

However, it wasn’t long before GOTAR made a name for itself in the hydropower sector. Hydro-Québec has become one of the company’s leading customers, both at the production and distribution levels.
As a result of a contract with a subsidiary of Northrop-Grumman Newport News in 2002, GOTAR Technologies has also seen the successful application of its solutions in the nuclear power industry in the United States.

Eloquent results  

In the power industry, safety is an important factor, especially in the nuclear domain. GOTAR Technologies had to prove itself several times by having its solutions tested and retested by independent laboratories. Conclusive results allowed the company to successfully introduce its solutions at major nuclear power plants in the United States in partnership with Newport News Industrial, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Newport News.

In the thermal generating field, Gotar solutions have been used to clean several heat recovery steam generators at a large gas cogeneration plant (Watson Cogeneration) in California. Notwithstanding the production gains obtained, it was the safety benefits and ease of use that caught the attention of plant managers.  According to them, the use of Gotar products reduced boiler downtime by one-third and cut water use by 50% during the cleaning. In California’s power market, that represents a “clean” profit!

In the field of hydropower generation, Hydro-Québec has achieved significant savings by using Gotar technologies to restore turbine shafts, improve heat exchange system performance on powerhouse turbines, and maintain synchronous condensers on transformers and at distribution stations. 

Adapted solutions   

Gotar solutions for the power industry are suitable for almost any problem where chemical cleaning can be used. Company products have been thoroughly proven and tested. In fact, they have been tested so extensively in real industry conditions that their use is in itself a guarantee of success. 

GOTAR offers proven and effective solutions for numerous  heat exchange system maintenance applications, regardless of the type or the principle or heat transfer fluid used, including general piping system cleaning, hydraulic system cleaning, building system maintenance, and any other application where its technologies can be used. 

The removal of river, lake and seawater sediments, as well as silt, limestone, iron oxide, copper oxide, organic matter, oil or grease, oil varnish layers, and other contaminants is a regular requirement. GOTAR also offers numerous specialized solutions such as the passivation of stainless steel systems, hydraulic cleaning, glycol system cleaning, and more.

Remarkable savings  

Throughout the power industry, GOTAR has achieved cost savings that have often surprised customers.  In one example, surface corrosion on a turbine transmission shaft at Hydro-Québec’s Bersimis 1 hydroelectric plant was treated on site in less than a day. The problem was treated directly with a semi-gel product, eliminating the need to dismantle the turbine to have it reworked off-site, a procedure that would have cost at least two weeks of lost production.  

At Metaldom in the Dominican Republic, plate heat exchangers at the diesel plant were previously cleaned mechanically and chemically. This procedure required several days of work and did not restore optimal heat exchange performance. Cleaning with a Gotar solution required only a few hours of work with no dismantling of equipment, and immediately restored the exchanger to optimal capacity, generating significant savings in the process.  

Work done at Dominion Generation’s Surrey nuclear plant owned in Virginia cleaned the cooling system of a turbine contaminated with oils and oxide deposits. This operation was successfully performed in conjunction with our partner Newport News Industrial and in full compliance with the extremely demanding safety standards specific to the nuclear industry. 


Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

GOTAR know-how is built on the results of our ongoing R&D work and on years of listening to customer needs. This has allowed us to create solutions that offer outstanding benefits to our customers in the thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear power sectors. Whatever the challenge, GOTAR Technologies has a solution that will meet customer needs and exceed expectations. 


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