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Mining and primary metals

The mining and primary metal industry is where GOTAR Technologies got its start.  The company first became known in 1998 when it helped Rio Tinto Alcan solve a standpipe maintenance problem at the aluminium giant’s hydrate production complex in Jonquière (Vaudreuil Plant).  Ever since then, Rio Tinto Alcan has remained one of GOTAR’s leading customers. In fall 2007, as a result of the savings achieved using Gotar technologies, Rio Tinto Alcan decided to sign a three-year maintenance contract for its main Quebec production units, which represent more than three-quarters of the company’s primary metal production in Canada.  GOTAR’s market share has further increased over the past decade with the arrival of new aluminium industry customers like Alcoa, Aluminerie Alouette, and Reynolds, as well as players like Mittal Steel, X-Strata, Québec Fer and Titane (QIT), Wabush Mines, Elkem Metal, U.S. Steel, and others in mining and the production of steel, iron, copper and titanium.

Eloquent results  

The results obtained with GOTAR have led many of our customers to become regulars.  In the case of Rio Tinto Alcan, the productivity gains and cost savings were so conclusive that the company signed a service contract for all of its production units in Quebec. GOTAR Technologies provides its mining and primary metal industry customers with tailor-made solutions that have proven their effectiveness over 10 years of company operations.  

Adapted solutions   

GOTAR has a knack for problem solving, be it in heat exchange system maintenance, building systems maintenance, or directly in production system cleaning.  Our solutions provide answers to numerous industry-specific problems. One example is Gotar-AL500, a product that cleans aluminium casting moulds without damaging the equipment surface. Of course, as in other industries, the removal of river deposits, silt, iron oxide, copper oxide, calcium carbonate, organic matter, and other contaminants is an ongoing need.  GOTAR also offers numerous specialized solutions such as hydraulic cleaning, oxygen line passivation, glycol system cleaning, etc.

Remarkable savings  

In its search to optimize technology to meet customer needs, GOTAR Technologies has developed unique solutions that deliver remarkable savings.  In fact, our know-how often leads to additional savings for our customers. For example, cleaning the Rio Tinto Alcan hydrate plant standpipes in pairs accelerates the cleaning cycle while yielding the same excellent results.  The foaming agents used to clean the cooling towers at Alcoa’s Deschambault plant are another innovation that provided excellent results. And in a third example, an extremely efficient product solved an oil deposit problem at Wabush Mines. What’s more, GOTAR’s unique biodegradable and non-toxic solutions significantly improve the lives of those who use them.


Proven know-how, proven effectiveness  

Gotar know-how is built on the results of our ongoing R&D work and on years of listening to customer needs. We deliver benefits to the companies we serve in the mining and primary metals industries by providing solutions that  meet customer needs and exceed expectations. 

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