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Pulp and paper

In the pulp and paper industry, GOTAR’s comprehensive approach and exclusive technology transform maintenance into a high-return investment.

Our technology provides profit-oriented answers to numerous industry-specific problems, including the removal of raw water deposits, silt, organic matter, iron oxide, copper oxide, black and green liquor scale, calcium carbonate and aluminum silicate deposits.

We offer numerous specialized solutions such as hydraulic cleaning, peroxide tank passivation, glycol system cleaning, and more. Names such as Resolute Forest Products (previously AbitibiBowater), Cascades, Kruger, Louisiana Pacific, Perkins Papers, SFK Pulp, Smurfit-Stone, and Uniboard recognized the efficiency of our technologies, the quality of the service it provides, and the results it delivers.

Profitable solutions for end-users and for application service providers

The use of GOTAR’S products and methodology allow paper manufacturers significant cost savings and major productivity gains. There are various examples that prove that point. Example 1: the cleaning of an economizer that has brought huge savings to one of our customers, the R.O.I. was realized in only 18 days. Example 2: the cleaning of a steam generator that produced a gain of 20 GJ, the R.O.I. was realized in 23 days.

For their part, in partnership with GOTAR, Application Service Providers can expand the range of services they offer to their customers, benefit from technical support and have access to our lab for sample analysis. 

We consider that restoring the original performance of equipment is the most profitable thing to do.

For some customers, the results obtained with GOTAR have been a revelation. Indeed, chemical cleaning is often misunderstood in the industry, and the few companies that offer this kind of service use technologies that have changed little over the last half-century.

Our unique approach redefines service in terms of return on investment. By restoring original condition of the equipment, we change completely how to account maintenance. The vision is global, taking into account the direct and indirect benefits, productivity gains, the averted replacement of equipment and the great energy savings.

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