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Sound business and management

The profitability of GOTAR’s approach is fully measured by taking into account direct and indirect costs, both in the short and long term. Benefits include significantly increased production, prolonged equipment life, less downtime, reduced maintenance costs, significant risk reduction, more economical waste disposal, decreased waste compared to other methods, and other industry-specific advantages.

With all our strengths, it is no surprise that we have experienced spectacular results. Some customers are even able to recover maintenance costs in a few days—and sometimes, in a few hours.

Countless customers have attested to the cost and time savings of Gotar technology as compared to traditional acids and mechanical cleaning technology. The picture is clear as the following table shows. And in some cases, the benefits of Gotar technology are even greater than shown.


Security measures

Costs associated with delimitation constraints and securing of the work zone, stocking of neutralizing agents, protective clothing, work stoppage, waste treatment, etc. 
  Scope of constraints
Intervention time

Including site preparation, the actual work, system startup, and the full restoration of production.
  Total time onsite

Products used

When product acquisition cost is considered alone, conventional  products appear cheaper. Their use, however, engenders very high additional costs that cancel out the initial savings.

Product costs



Gotar technology requires little preparation or dismantling. This minimizes the work time required prior to cleaning. Manpower/time is typically reduced by several days with GOTAR.


The duration of work stoppage for security measures, dismantling/preparation time, and intervention and startup time. In most cases, the advantages of GOTAR are multiple.
  Loss of production time


Generally, reassembly time corresponds to dismantling time. The savings in manpower/time are therefore doubled. 


Frequency of work stoppage

One advantage of cleaning with GOTAR is that it restores  equipment performance to original levels and decreases maintenance requirements over a given production period in comparison to other techniques.



Number of interventions
over a similar time period


Equipment wear

The central idea behind Gotar products is to clean without damage. Depending on the products, corrosion is evaluated at between 10 and 100 times less with GOTAR compared to traditional acids. Moreover, there is none of the typical abrasion associated with mechanical cleaning.

Corrosion and other damages

Disposal poses the double problem of dealing with the product used and the contaminants removed from the system. In both cases, the nature of Gotar products reduces the impact on the environment as well as disposal costs.

Waste impact

The full benefits of Gotar technology include everything from human and material resource  optimization, worker safety, and environmental compliance to  corporate image enhancement, and more.

For the informed manager, the Gotar approach can be summed up with three key words:

Simplicity, productivity, reliability.



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