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Turnkey solutions

Gotar’s global approach and exclusive technology transform industrial maintenance into a high-return investment

- Customer expectations
- System operation
- Source of contamination
- Choice or creation of product
- Choice of procedure
- Action plan
- Gotar team
- Assistance to customer team
- Products and procedures
- Planning and/or monitoring
- Feedback
- Follow-up

The only truly productive and profitable approach is one that corresponds to the customer’s needs and expectations.

GOTAR’s comprehensive personalized solutions start with a thorough understanding of the customer’s specific problem. Using existing Gotar chemical solutions—the most effective in the industry—or custom formulas created specifically for the job at hand, we offer an approach that takes into account system characteristics, the environment, and the impact of the intervention on the company’s operations. Maintenance can be performed by a Gotar team, by a Gotar approved and selected applicator, or by the customer. A maintenance plan is then developed and proposed to ensure  optimal system performance into the future.

The exclusive synergy of GOTAR’s know-how, procedures, and products.

GOTAR Technologies offers clients integrated technologies based on three pillars: (1) know-how built through a decade of serving the industrial and commercial fields, (2) reliable and proven procedures, and (3) chemical solutions that are efficient and safe for the environment.

At GOTAR Technologies, we begin with the belief that we have a great deal to learn from our customers. Our years of activity in industry working on equipment worth millions of dollars have taught us that each industrial site has its own set of particularities and that these must be carefully considered for our work to be successful.

Because of the complexity of processes in certain fields, we also often seek the advice and expertise of independent experts to obtain critical information and remain at the forefront of the knowledge necessary to our work. Our products have been tested many times by independent laboratories, both in Canada and the United States, under various conditions. Our solutions team have benefited from the findings of both our in-house laboratory and independent laboratories and, of course, from the experience gained over the course of numerous applications.

The knowledge acquired by GOTAR Technologies staff over the years has enabled the company to work in such diverse fields as pulp and paper, mining and primary metals, petrochemical (plants and refineries), building mechanics, surface treatment, energy (hydroelectric, thermal, and nuclear), plastics production, the marine and naval industries, and more.

The procedures developed by GOTAR Technologies have been repeatedly proven effective in industrial settings. These procedures are the fruit of solid experience and of our focus on meeting customer needs. Gotar procedures take into account the contamination to be eliminated, the products to be used, the equipment necessary for functional operations, the safety guidelines to be adhered to, and the configuration of customer facilities.

The company also designs and manufactures its own equipment for chemical cleaning including variable-velocity circulation pumps, heating torpedoes, and stationary cleaning systems.

GOTAR has refined its expertise through R&D activities, extensive testing by independent laboratories on behalf of the company, the input of numerous specialists who have been consulted over the years, and the experience accumulated by the GOTAR team over a decade of industrial and commercial operations. This know-how is key to understanding our customer problems and to achieving the best, possible results in meeting their needs.

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of efficient chemical solutions. Most Gotar solutions are derived from biodegradeable, nontoxic products.

When it comes to product design and development, GOTAR Technologies has three key criteria:

  • Solutions must present minimal risk to human or animal health.
  • Solutions must efficiently eliminate contamination while protecting customer equipment (no weakening of surfaces, and protection of capital).
  • Solutions must incorporate characteristics for environmental protection in the event of an incident or an accidental spill.

This approach allows us to provide the best possible chemical solutions while optimizing customer return-on-investment. Also at the heart of our approach are the safety and welfare of workers, the integrity of the equipment cleaned, respect for the environment, and integrated solutions for extraordinary added value.

GOTAR’s selection of products specifically designed for the types of contamination faced is complemented by exceptional service, including the use of special equipment for chemical cleaning. This equipment is also available for sale to customers who wish to perform their own chemical cleaning with the support of GOTAR Technologies.

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