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GOTAR Technologies customers often need maintenance of systems such as water and glycol cooling systems, lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, and process systems.

Water, air, and glycol cooling systems (heat exchange)

Since it first began its industrial activities, GOTAR Technologies has specialized in cleaning heat exchange systems. Regardless of the contamination found in these systems—limescale, organic matter, oil, or degraded glycol—Gotar procedures and cleaning products provide impeccable results that reduce energy use, improve performance, and save on capital costs. 

Lubrication systems

Lubrication system cleaning is another Gotar specialty. Numerous solutions developed over the years ensure impeccable results to restore equipment to its original performance level. Regardless of the degradation or condition of the oil and grease, Gotar products will turn the situation around. From oil varnish to carbonization, even the most difficult problems have a solution.

Hydraulic systems

The cleaning of hydraulic systems is tricky work. GOTAR Technologies has acquired the necessary know-how to clean the biggest hydraulic systems in the world, and to handle oil filtering in accordance with the required ISO standards. The company’s know-how allows customers to rapidly recover their investment in maintenance operations and almost immediately re-establish the equipment’s original performance.

Process systems

At the customer’s request, Gotar solutions can be used to clean process systems. Personalized solutions can also be developed if the available methods are insufficient. GOTAR Technologies has successfully carried out R&D projects to resolve some of the most stubborn problems, while at the same time yielding an excellent return on customer investment.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment is a wide-ranging speciality that encompasses several different areas, including the cleaning of equipment parts, the decontamination and preparation of surfaces prior to painting, the decontamination of painted surfaces, and the pre-operational preparation of industrial systems. GOTAR offers effective solutions adapted to the challenges of surface treatment and suitable for a wide variety of contamination types. Adapted for different metallurgies and to meet customer requirements, these solutions yield excellent results for the elimination of oxides, scale, organic matter, oil and grease, and other contaminants.


Examples of applications and services using Gotar products in industrial, institutional and commercial sectors

Pre-commissioning/preoperational cleaning

  • Decontamination of drinking water piping
  • Degreasing/cleaning of parts and equipment
  • Degreasing/cleaning of lubrication oil lines
  • Passivation of stainless steel piping and equipment
  • Removal of oil and grease in air lines
  • Surface preparation before coating and painting
  • Piping in oxygen, gas, and acetylene systems


  1. Cleaning of all-purpose hot/cold water piping
  2. Decontamination and chlorination of drinking water systems
  3. Cleaning of copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium heat exchangers:
    • Tubular       
    • Hot water
    • Plate          
    • Cold water
    • Coil       
    • Oil
    • Labyrinth       
    • Glycol
    • Radiator       
    • Process
    • Condenser  
    • Vapor
  4. Cleaning of hot water/vapor boilers
  5. Cleaning of hot water heating systems
  6. Descaling of air conditioning systems
  7. Descaling/cleaning of cooling towers
  8. Cleaning of firefighting systems
  9. Descaling/cleaning of stator coolers systems including feedwater piping
  10. Degreasing of regulators, regulator valves, and reservoirs
  11. Cleaning/Deoxidation of oil cooler transformers
  12. Descaling of compressed air coolers
  13. Cleaning of sewage water piping
  14. Deoxidization of carbon steel, copper, aluminium, and other surfaces
  15. Descaling and deoxidization of metal alloys through soaking process
  16. Descaling of the cooling chambers on the following equipment:
    • Gas or diesel engines
    • Ball bearings
    • Air compressors
    • Rollers
  17. Vacuum pump cleaning
  18. Stripping of hydraulic piping
  19. Stainless steel piping passivation for
    • Hydraulics
    • Processes
    • Hydroelectric plants
  20. Lubrication piping systems
  21. Degreasing of equipment
    • By soaking
    • By spraying
  22. Cleaning of aluminium casting moulds
  23. Cleaning of aluminium casting tables
  24. Distillation units
  25. Oxygen lances
  26. Compressor bottles
  27. HP exchangers
  28. Fuel gas systems and piping


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