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GOTAR Technologies employs various application methods depending on customer requirements, the technical problems to resolve, the type of contamination to be eliminated, and any identified constraints. These methods integrate application procedures to optimize the impact of each maintenance operation with respect to the effect of the products used, the way that required equipment is handled, the work time required, and worker safety.


Soaking is a simple and effective method for certain applications. Equipment or parts that need cleaning can be soaked for short or long periods in liquid cleaning products. The quality and low corrosivity of many Gotar products allow for prolonged periods of immersion with no risk to the integrity of metallic surfaces or joint tightness, and without any risk of hydrogen embrittlement.


Circulation is the method most commonly used to clean production equipment or closed-circuit tubing systems without dismantling the equipment being cleaned. This method provides fast and thorough results and ensures an impeccable and generally uniform outcome.


Foam cleaning is a quick and cost-effective application to decontaminate equipment without using large quantities of the liquid products that would otherwise be needed to ensure optimal cleaning. This method requires special equipment for applying foam to the surface areas or equipment being treated.


Semi-gel products are designed to adhere to and effectively clean vertical or steeply inclined surface areas. The viscosity of these products allows them to adhere to surface areas longer and thus gives them more time to work at eliminating the contamination.

Vapor phase

Vapor phase is a unique application method that can be used for very specific cases requiring quick action in the presence of particularly tough contamination. For example, certain types of chemical limescale that are extremely resistant can be treated using this method. It can also be used in areas where the use of a liquid would pose a problem or be too costly. This method requires more sophisticated logistics than other methods.

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