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White Birch Paper
Steam generator whose performance was diminished by a layer of silica and iron oxide.
Removal of cooked oil on water baffles.
Empresa Generadora de Electricidad de Haina
Tube heat exchanger clogged with seawater scale.
Removal of rust in an air-cooled oil transformer cooler.
Nicolet Substation – Removal of rust and degraded glycol in a 4,000 gallon synchronous condenser cooling system.
Northrop Grumman Newport News
Descaling of the fire main system on a floating drydock - Norfolk, VA.
Organic matter clogging a 1,500 feet raw water piping system.
Rio Tinto Alcan
Mill scale and corrosion on a carbon steel pipe with contamination on the weld seam.
Rio Tinto Alcan
Removal of scale and oxides on a condenser coil by soaking only.
Rio Tinto Alcan
Cooling tower modules contaminated with scale and vegetable oil.
Billet mould contaminated with oil and scale.
Water baffles contaminated with cooked oil.
Oxidized turbine shaft
U.S. Coast Guard
Water side of a main engine cooler clogged with scale.
Town of La Baie
Artesian well pipes cleaned within 3 hours soaking.
Northrop Grumman Newport News
Clogged bunker C preheater
Roberval & Saguenay Railway
Locomotive body, side view.
Tube heat exchanger clogged with scale and organic matter.
Metaldom thermal power plant
Plate heat exchanger.
Cruise ship SS Sun
Tube heat exchanger.
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