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GOTAR is setting the future standard for industrial maintenance with a personalized approach that’s more productive, more profitable, and cleaner than the competition.

In an ideal world, industrial equipment should always maintain its original level of performance. Cleaning shouldn’t damage the equipment, and maintenance procedures should respect the health and well-being of employees, as well as the environment in which we all work and live.

This vision of an ideal world is the driving force behind GOTAR.   

Since the late 1990’s, GOTAR has been providing innovative technologies adapted to the individualized needs of customers in various industries. Within the span of a single decade, the company has distinguished itself as a leader in the manufacture and supply of chemical maintenance products, chemical cleaning services, the design of applications equipment for chemical cleaning, and top-quality consulting services. From its very beginning, the company has focused on the use of environmentally sound and safe solutions that are more effective and productive than other, traditional solutions. 

GOTAR is active in a number of well-defined industrial sectors. Gotar solutions are routinely used to improve thermal production equipment and to clean contaminant-obstructed systems that use water, oil, or glycol as heat transfer media.

GOTAR’s customers can be found in the pulp and paper industry, the naval and marine industry, the primary metals industry, petrochemical refineries and plants, and the energy industry—hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal. GOTAR’s technological solutions are also used in commercial applications for mechanical maintenance operations (unit heaters, boilers, water supply piping, etc.).

GOTAR Technologies steps in when customers have a problem, taking into consideration their specific requirements, the industrial equipment used, and the environment. GOTAR is a leading edge company offering both custom-tailored and turnkey solutions to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

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