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Alternator group heat exchanger cleaning, Elkem Metal

Applications :
Heat exchanger cleaning, hydroelectric power plant, heat exchange recovery

Background :
In Quebec, a number of companies have their own energy production facilities. Elkem Metal Canada, a firm that produces high quality ferrosilicium in its Saguenay plant, operates a hydroelectric power facility on the Chicoutimi River. The Central S.P.C. power dam was commissioned in 1957. It produces approximately 37 megawatts of power using a high performance Francis-type turbine that was installed in 1998 when the plant was upgraded. A group of eight radiators is used to cool the alternator. Insufficient cooling was a concern and GOTAR Technologies was called in to solve the problem since a cleaning operation was necessary.

Results :

Cleaning was required on the water side of the radiators to remove limestone and organic matter, as well as iron oxide deposits that were interfering with the heat exchange.

The cleaning was divided into two phases: first, Gotar-DG500 was used to remove silt and organic matter; then, Gotar-D500 was used to remove limestone and iron oxide.

The results were extremely positive. The data collected before and after the cleaning operation show that heat exchange was restored to optimal levels. The coil temperature gain measured on two groups after cleaning was approximately 14ºC to 16ºC. The operation was accomplished without dismantling the installation and only required a few hours.
GOTAR Technologies is regularly called upon to intervene in the power industry, be it in hydroelectric or thermal power generation.  GotarTM solutions are also used in the United States for the maintenance of heat exchange equipment at nuclear power plants.

Products :
Gotar-DG500, Gotar-D500

Keywords :
Heat exchanger, alternator group, hydroelectric power plant, Elkem Metal, site work, heat exchange, silt, limestone, iron oxide, organic matter Power generation, United States, dismantling, coil temperature
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