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Hydro-Quebec - Successful cleaning of a steel turbine shaft at Bersimis 1

Applications :
Turbine shaft cleaning, steel surface deoxidization

Background :
Commissioned in 1956, the Bersimis 1 hydroelectric power plant has an installed capacity of 936 MW covered by eight units, each unit being composed of a turbine, an alternator, and a transmission shaft. Connected to a ball bearing mechanism, the transmission shaft has an accuracy of adjustment in the order of a thousandth of an inch and is machined accordingly. When the surface of the shaft becomes oxidized, there were two ways to correct the problem: remove it or replace it, both options being costly solutions. By using Gotar™ products, Hydro-Quebec made substantial savings in this situation.

Results :

The complete treatment was carried out in under 14 hours using the following procedure:

  1. overhaul of the shaft;
  2. application of Gotar-DG (degreaser/emulsifier) in semi-gel for 90 minutes;
  3. application of Gotar-D (deoxidizer/descaler) in semi-gel for two hours;
  4. color buffing and application of WD-40.

Hydro-Quebec officials were extremely satisfied with the results obtained with GOTAR Technologies.

Dismantling/removal of the transmission shaft was not necessary.  The treatment was accomplished on site, directly on the turbine shaft. Aside from facilitating planning, the Gotar deoxidation method provides for substantial cost savings and time gains. Reworking the shaft would have meant sending it off-site. Without GOTAR Technologies, the turbine would have been out of commission for over a week.

Products :
Gotar-DG (Gotar-DG500) semi-gel, Gotar-D (Gotar-D500) semi-gel

Keywords :
Transmission shaft, turbine, transmission, deoxidization, ball bearing mechanism, Hydro-Quebec, hydroelectric power plant, oxidation, site work Machining, color buffing, WD-40, conventional acid solutions
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